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Stunning Views of The Windy City

Chicago city skyline panoramic prints

Celebrate the breathtaking skyline of Chicago in stunning panoramic photography! With a size of over 234 square miles and the third-largest metropolis in the U.S., this is undoubtedly the most celebrated city of the Midwest.

The city's unique architecture was significantly influenced by the tragic great Chicago fire of 1871, wiping out 1/3 of structures. A construction boom and architectural growth unparalleled in the Midwest followed, and brought us the fantastic range of styles seen in Chicago panoramic photography today.

Chicago was the home to the iconic world's first skyscraper in 1885, built in steel skeleton construction. The metropolis is the home to the foundation of the skyscraper era, and has influenced architecture internationally for over a century.

Notable locations in Chicago skyline pictures include Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower), the University of Illinois-Chicago, McCormick Place, and O’Hare International Airport. In the U.S., Willis Tower held the title of tallest at 1,451 feet and 108 stories for many years until the completion of One World Trade Center in New York City in 2014. Willis Tower is prominent in every Chicago skyline picture and any Chicago skyline panorama would look incomplete without it.

Chicago skyline pictures show the city still home to many of the world's tallest buildings, in addition to being among most dense in skyscraper construction. Another jewel of the city is the shores of Lake Michigan, providing transportation access to the region. Lake Michigan is beautifully set against the city edge, reflecting the impressive Chicago skyline.

If you're interested in Chicago's storied past, its beautiful buildings or the peace and serenity seen through the reflections of Lake Michigan, our panoramas make the perfect addition to your home or office.